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5. Day to Night Dressing

5. Day to Night Dressing

With women’s chaotic schedules, going home in between work and dinner is not realistic, therefore versatility in our work wardrobes becomes key.

I’ve been known to lug a bag of clothes to my desk for quick changes later, but that doesn’t work when you’re traveling and going from meetings to dinner, or attending conferences all day and then going straight into happy hour. There’s also a secret mindset with women that you want to feel fresh and different when entering into the evening and potentially another four hours of business and conversation. This all plays into your confidence and image and although not every outfit can go day to night, many can with a simple change in accessories. All you have to do is begin with a great base and go from there. For years, the two best foundations for any day to night dressing have been the pencil skirt and the dress, but for me in the last year, it’s been the black jumpsuit. I’ve taken this single apparel item from an outfit for facilitating meetings to something sophisticated enough to be worn to a black tie event. The Sabrina Jumpsuit by Oliver and Grace is my absolute fave.

Here are four ways to wear the black jumpsuit.

  • Work wear. Pair it with a blazer (of any length), a jacket, or fitted cardigan and a simple necklace and heels. Accessorize with your glasses if you wear them.


  • Happy Hour. Take the blazer off and put on some leopard heels, bright colored pumps, or strappy sandals and cute trendy necklace.


  • Dinner with clients. Jacket can come off or stay on at dinner and you can even walk in with it draped on your shoulders. If you lose the jacket, consider going all black from head to toe for an ultra dressy look. From here you have a couple options. Depending on the purpose of the dinner, I would opt to either carry all of these items in a tote with your laptop, because I know that a lot of business can get done at dinner, or leave the tote in the car and carry an interesting clutch bag. It’s doesn’t have to be sparkly and full of glitter, go for something interesting.

    1) Wear a nice belt that is either a bright color, animal print, or metallic finish and coordinate your earrings. Go for standout earrings. If you go the belt route and insist on wearing a necklace, choose a long chained necklace that is very simple, not a choker. This will keep you from looking chopped up (think silhouette).

    2) Wear a great statement necklace in a bold color and a simple bracelet and earrings.


  • Casual wear. Put a fitted tank top underneath and wear cute sneakers. For the ultimate preppy look drape a sweater over your shoulders  and tie in the front.

4. Bring Street Into Your Work Style

4. Bring Street Into Your Work Style

6. Wear Midi Skirts

6. Wear Midi Skirts