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3. Dressing with two colors

3. Dressing with two colors

Dressing with Two Colors

I know, I know, I just showed you that dressing with three colors is the key to being chic and it is! Although it is my favorite way to wear color, it’s not the only way to dress. A monochromatic look is also very popular, highly sophisticated, and slimming like no other if done right. First things first -- the ultimate goal when you get dressed is to create the longest line that you can from head to toe, waist to toe, or head to knee. This is otherwise known as a silhouette. Often times we wear accessories together - like belts and necklaces (chokers) that chop us up – making our lines shorter and accentuating in all the wrong places. Dressing in two colors can help you lengthen your lines because you're showing one color all the way down, while also giving off a highly refined and cultured look. Let’s dive in – here’s the skinny (literally) on dressing with two colors and achieving the longest silhouette possible.

  • Choose a top and bottom of the same color and pair it with colorful pumps for the longest line all the way to the foot. You can wear booties, but it’s going to shorten that line by chopping you at the ankles. Opt for a pair of beige booties in flat or patent leather. On jewelry, wear earrings and a bracelet in gold or silver jewelry and avoid beaded jewelry with color. Don’t match your necklace with your shoes – no matchy matchy.

  • If wearing a top and bottom of the same color, choose a belt that matches and a contrasting shoe.

  • If you’re wearing a top that’s a different color than your skirt or pant, match your shoes to the color of your skirt.

  • Nude pumps are the silhouette’s secret weapon. They look like skin, right? And go with EVERY outfit, creating a line that goes all the way to the floor. These are a must have for every wardrobe.

  • When choosing skirts, go as long as you can, starting at the high waist and ending at the knee. The pencil skirt has proven to be the most slimming of all skirts, draping and smoothing in key areas such as the hips and stomach.

  • When choosing pants, a palazzo or high-waisted pant will make medium to taller girls look like sky high. Shorter females will want to try a mid-waisted straight pant that drapes nicely.

2. Accessorize with colors and prints

2. Accessorize with colors and prints

4. Bring Street Into Your Work Style

4. Bring Street Into Your Work Style