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Whatever You Do -- Get Uncomfortable

Whatever You Do -- Get Uncomfortable

Pretty much every week of my life is spent trying to prove to myself that I can do something. Break through one glass ceiling, to get to another, and so on, and so on. Early on it felt as though I was headed to a destination. When will I arrive? This coupled with a short attention span has meant living with a good amount of uncomfortableness throughout my career — and it’s paid off in a number of ways. (You can't tell people to get uncomfortable and then not mention that the rewards are incredible and the opportunities continuous.) 

So I pitched several ideas for live TV segments to Better KC and they liked them. The first one titled, Booties with Skirts, was my first live appearance on TV last week. I’ve presented numerous times throughout my career, to hundreds of people at a time, given formal presentations to our board of directors, and coached teams for multi-million dollar infrastructure projects throughout the years. AND I WAS NERVOUS FOR TV. Not as much at stake here as in the business environment, but reputation is pretty important when you have a blog and you never know what's going to happen on live TV. 

Growth by discomfort is a popular topic, because when you do things that are not routine you activate parts of your brain that don’t get used. You develop yourself. Dopamine is also released, which makes you happy. On top of all that good stuff, when you execute well at the challenge, it leads to other opportunities. Purposeful discomfort is a path to success. When you are driven to put yourself in a situation that is difficult, the natural high of accomplishment is all you need to continue the cycle of taking on more. Careful though, balance is key and an unhealthy amount of discomfort will cause burnout and frustration. 

For the past four years I've become so uncomfortable it's become my new normal. This year I decided to give myself permission to take on less, and so far in the first month, I’m failing. The good news — the Better KC segment went well and led to an invitation from another station to do a bigger segment. Dopamine released.

How are you doing at getting uncomfortable?

How you dress really does matter

How you dress really does matter