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It's Your Turn

It's Your Turn

“School was just canceled.”

“I have meetings lined up all day – I can’t stay home.”

It’s the ”Groundhog-Day” conversation my husband and I have every time there’s a snow day, sick day, holiday we didn’t plan for, or daycare is closed. Fortunately, we’ve grown more experienced at partnering, but there’s never a lack of guilt or stress from trying to manage your commitments with two little humans needing care.

For you veterans out there who have kids over the age of 9, you could probably give me advice; for those who are just entering into the school-age years, here are my top keep-myself-from-going-insane things to do to get work done while also making it a fun day for the kids.

1.    Sky Zone – Because there’s couches, Wi-Fi, a concession stand, and an abundance of activity for a good two hours. It’s a great way to break up the day for the kiddos while you stay active in the work day.

2.    Invite a friend – This is a good time to partner with your child’s friends’ moms to share the duty. The kids can split time between homes and the bonus is that you can work all day because they don’t give a flip about you in either scenario. Just provide plenty of food and water.

3.    Partner with your significant other – Instead of fighting about it, my husband and I now tag team. If we both work from home, we can alternate between tasks and conference calls. This solution also gives us some precious time with the kids as well.

Try not to feel guilty about being on your phone or computer. I explain to my kids that even though it’s a fun stay-at-home day, mom has to work. They don’t always like it or behave well in it, but at least I try to calibrate expectations. Plus, if you’re not taking PTO, you have to stay engaged and responsive, especially if there are others who made the trip to the office to work.

And remember – it’s just a few hours and someday you’ll wish you could have all that time back to enjoy more mindfully and wholeheartedly. Your spouse is your partner, the love of your life, so next time you want to say, “it’s your turn,” try “I got this one, babe,” instead.

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