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What's Holiday Casual?

What's Holiday Casual?

What is Holiday Casual?

As a blogger I work hard to keep up on all the trendy names that people use to describe the preferred attire for an event. Test time came when I heard that my husband’s work party was holiday casual – and I admittedly failed because my first response, “what’s that?” (as if he’s going to know) was followed by rapid Google fire. Search results show, “Holiday Casual is your favorite cute red top or casual red dress. Or it could mean throwing in a silver, gold, or black sequined piece in with otherwise casual party attire.” Ok, so what’s casual party attire? What’s a casual dress - is that like a house dress? And let me just be clear, are we talking about jeans (please please please)? Yes we are! But wait... this isn't that simple. And from there I threw myself into the quagmire of complex decision making that happens pretty much every year when it comes to event dressing.

  • What if I wear jeans and no one else does?

  • Do I really want to wear jeans to the holiday party?

  • What if I wear a dress and no else does?

  • What if wear a dress and everyone else does, but my dress is too fancy or not fancy enough?

And then there’s questions we ask that are universal to all dress codes.

  • What if we do a lot of dancing and I’m uncomfortable because I wore my 3-4 inch heels?

  • What if I’m freezing?

  • What if I'm showing too much skin?

  • Do I need to match my husband?

So what’s the answer? Instead of just going for it, which is definitely an option, I tried to get access to “the group,” which is the other women in the company, to find out what they're wearing. Because at the end of the day, even though we all have our own personal style, I at least want to be in the same genre as everyone else.

After much contemplation, a 20 degree forecast, a quaint country venue, and a husband playing DJ, I switched my initial dressy ensemble to black jeans, a slouchy sweater, and heels with a pop of color. Add a shiny clutch, faux fur scarf, some cool jewels, and we’re off!

In the end, my take on Holiday Casual is (drum roll) -- anything goes. From dresses to skin baring tops, to sequins, tights and skirts, and jeans and boots. I saw it all and it all looked great!

Happy Holidays!

Cable Knit for Casual Indifference

Cable Knit for Casual Indifference

Bootylicious at Work? Definitely.

Bootylicious at Work? Definitely.