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Unique Style Is Power Dressing

Unique Style Is Power Dressing

Your Unique Style is the New Power Dressing

By Vanessa Zambo for The Real KC

I know every woman’s walk on my team at work; and, even though each has its own distinct rhythm, it’s always the sound of purpose, confidence, and mental fortitude. I love the message that each and every step sends – if I get in her way, I'm going to get ran over because that stomp has a purpose and direction and I’m certain she will get there. 

This stomp that I reference isn't the product of just one thing.  It is built from two parts leadership, one part self-awareness, another part competence, and a secret ingredient that has yet to be talked about in great detail – unique style. This last component has been an intriguing subject for me over the last few years as I’ve worked to build my personal brand consistently in my career at Terracon and taken note of the reaction that I’ve gotten from men and women alike. Unique style has been a topic that has garnered attention in books like John T. Molloy’s Dress for Success, and runs parallel to the increased number of working women, and especially those climbing to higher positions in the workplace.

Think back to the 90s -- an era of the power suit and clothes that, whether intentional or not, sent the message that powerful women should dress like their male counterparts in the boardroom.  Thankfully, later decades welcomed outside-the-box thinking and a greater appreciation for the individual style that accompanied the personalities running the meetings. The traditional power dressing of a nice suit and heels has since evolved into a fun, edgy, and dynamic new dress code that is professional yet individualistic. Women in power positions are bringing in looks and styles that are interesting, perhaps even unorthodox in some cases, but which still scream “commander in charge” just as much as the black suit in the 90s.  The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article titled, The New Way Women are Dressing for Work, which boldly states that what you have on is as important as your LinkedIn profile or your business card.

Here's what I know -- women's unique style is as much about setting themselves apart as it is being themselves. 

This is why I’ve created STOMP, an inside to workplace fashions in Kansas City and online. The first thing I will tell you is I'm not a stylist or a fashion consultant and I never went to school for fashion. I've just had to dress for work every day over the last 22 years and love it. And, like most of the women who took the time to read this blog, time is a luxury that we simply don't have.  Because today's working woman is balancing any number of things -- vibrant single life, marriage, kids, business travel, numerous meetings, and conferences – I hope to provide some tips and insight that will allow you to develop your unique style without dropping one of the many balls in the air that someone's counting on you to juggle.

So, please join me as I post fun videos and articles every week on how you can build a strong brand image in your workplace through fashion. We'll dive deep into my closet and my self-proclaimed "rules" when getting dressed.

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