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Rested, Youthful, and Happy -- The Three Potential Benefits of a Wee Bit of Filler

Rested, Youthful, and Happy -- The Three Potential Benefits of a Wee Bit of Filler

I believe I've read on the Internet that celebrities often use into the 10 syringe range of dermal filler in their face. Good gosh, no wonder we're terrified of it. Penelope Trunk, who is my favorite blogger in the whole wide world, once wrote, “The path to self-acceptance is paved with injectables.” Yeah, I don’t know if I’d go that far, but used in moderation, they do make me feel pretty damn good about myself. I once went to a nurse injector who told me I shouldn’t give away all my secrets (to looking less tired and maybe younger) on social media. She was the best, and then she retired. I reluctantly made a switch to Kristen Kneidel. You can’t bounce around from person to person with this stuff or you run the risk of looking like a Cabbage Patch kid. If you haven’t read about my new devotion to Kristen, you can check it out in Beauty comes from within, but I’m really tired – so I get Botox. Since I’ve had this blog, I’ve been asked by many to partner on promotion of their services in return for free stuff. It’s very tempting because this stuff is expensive, but what makes STOMP great is that it’s not a pay-to-play blog. So instead, here’s some great advice from Kristen that I pass on to you – that I don’t get paid zilch for.

My Top 3 Insights to a More Refreshed Face
By Kristen Kneidel RN, BSN
Aesthetic Nurse Injection Specialist

There are a variety of injectables that each do different things, such as volumizing, lifting, or softening skin. The goal should always be to have clients look like themselves with results that translate well to their colleagues, friends and family as well as to themselves. There are a lot of options in the toolbox to achieve that NATURAL, refreshed look. Ask questions and seek out an injector with proper credentials that will focus on safety, as well as someone who is on the same page with giving you the results you are looking for.

1.  Injectables can make you look less tired  As we age, we lose collagen and fat in our face every year.  As a result, the cheeks lose volume and the skin can sag.  Certain fillers on the market today are designed to add support and add volume to the cheeks, allowing the injector to create a more lifted, less tired appearance.

2.  Injectables can take years off your lips - By adding the appropriate filler, we can make the lips look more smooth and hydrated without looking overdone. Forget nightmare cases that you’ve seen with duck or fish lips, with the right injector you’ll be left with pretty lips that balance out the face.

3. Injectables can make you look happier - A lot of my clients choose to get Botox because they say their friends or family think their continually furrowed brow means they aren’t happy. Botox can soften brow furrowing, crow’s feet, forehead lines and other areas of the face and add a lifted, more relaxed look. Softening the low face with injectables can lift the corners of the mouth, take out depth in folds around the mouth, and add structure and support to the chin, giving a more youthful appearance that reflects joy not sadness in the face.

For more information or to book an appointment with Kristen, you can contact Monarch Plastic Surgery at 913-663-3838. Consultations are always complimentary.

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