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My Top Five Workwear Retailers That Style Your Wardrobe... Easily

My Top Five Workwear Retailers That Style Your Wardrobe... Easily

My Top Five Workwear Retailers
That Style Your Wardrobe... Easily

By now most of my readers know that I strongly believe that what you wear to work really does matter. After presenting to numerous women, I’ve found it isn’t convincing women they need to look the part that’s challenging, it’s the process of building a stellar wardrobe. The stereotype ‘all women love to shop’ is dispelled by recent research that shows only 29 percent actually enjoy it. And who knows – maybe with more time, money, and confidence in our bodies and style choices, that percentage could actually climb higher. So I leaned in to the task of tackling these real-life, right-now challenges, trying out retailers that offer personal styling services for budgets of all sizes. Read below to learn who helped put the ease into shopping.

1.    Nordstrom

I’m a frequent shopper of Nordstrom, and I’ve known about their personal styling services for years but never used them because I thought I’d be guilted into buying a bunch of clothes I didn’t really like and were out of my budget. With my mission top of mind, I signed up through their website, which offers 30-minute, one-hour, and two-hour consulting sessions for FREE. From there I engaged with a stylist to discuss my coloring, style and budget, which was less than $100 per item. We set up a 30-minute appointment where I was greeted with a big smile and led to a dressing room fully lined with options for me to choose from. There were several options of clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories, and I never got the feeling I had to buy something. Not everything was my style, but several items worked for me. If you’re familiar with Nordstrom, you know their seamstresses are fantastic and with the rewards card alterations can be free.

Since my session, I’ve followed my stylist on Instagram and she sends me Style Boards via text message. Every working woman should have a Nordstrom stylist!

Pros: The only one of my top five retailers with a rewards card, free alterations, and a human being doing one-on-one styling for you, for free.

Downside: No downside that I’ve experienced yet.

Cost of Personal Styling Service: Free
Style Assessment: Yes
Frequency: Anytime the store is open
Budget: Any
Workplace Dress Code: Casual, Business Casual, Business Formal

2.    MM.LaFleur

The crew at MM.LaFleur has designed their entire business around the professional woman who doesn’t like to shop and has a classic, timeless style. For the trendy female, the styles allow you to pair statement pieces such as bright shoes or costume jewelry with wardrobe foundation pieces to give them your own authentic flare. MM.Lafleur takes you through a very detailed (and even fun) body type and style assessment through their website. While it’s not a subscription service, they will send you 4-6 clothing items in a Bento Box that fit near perfectly on every woman. Whether dresses, separates, knits, or accessories, I found all apparel items to be staples for the wardrobe.

They also assign you a stylist who checks in with you every day to see if you have questions. I especially appreciated that after they visited stompatwork.com, I received a personal invitation to tour their facility in New York or Washington, D.C.

Upside: They are constantly refining their workwear staples based on customer reviews. Sophisticated, quality clothing that will fit you perfectly and last for years.

Downside: Not a lot of color and a bit simplistic; however, for the woman who believes less is more, a capsule wardrobe could be easily created with contrasting shoes and jewelry to give your outfits a whole new look.

Cost of Personal Styling Service: Free
Style Assessment: Yes
Frequency: They will send you a Bento Box as often as you’d like
Budget: Prices range from $110 for a chic work top to $325 for a statement dress
Workplace Dress Code: Business Casual to Business Formal, perfect for women in legal and financial professions.

3.    Bellgray

I had lunch with the CEO of Bellgray last summer in Austin and we had a good chat about how she’s developed a much-needed, carefully curated workwear site. Bellgray is the executive woman’s workwear edit. Organized by dress code, work event, and now business type, the online store promises to make shopping easy for the ambitious working woman on the go. Bellgray is an interesting business model that brings together many contemporary work wear brands and designers who are at home in my own closet. For the woman who doesn’t like to shop, Bellgray takes the work out of putting outfits together and even offers styling assistance by phone and email.

Upside: They are continually curating new sections of their online store for different careers and work events. I really appreciate that they are 100% focused on workwear.

Downside: Some of the skirt lengths are too short for certain workplaces and body types.

Style Assessment: No
Budget: Prices range from $50 - $200 per item
Workplace Dress Code: All dress codes

4.    Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that sends you quality clothing based on your style preferences. They use technology (and algorithms) to determine how to evolve your style over time. It seems I’m the last one to try this company and I’ve heard mixed reviews that all average out to it being hit or miss. My take is this – after getting several fixes, Stitch Fix is great for the woman who doesn’t like to shop and who wants help developing her signature style. Their stylists gather body type and style information when you sign up. They then assemble a “fix” sent as frequently as you’d like. Many women take it a step further by sending them pictures and Pinterest boards so their stylists can get a better idea of their personal style.

What separates Stitch Fix from the other box subscription services I’ve tried is the details. For example, with your monthly “fix” they’ll send you a brochure that shows all of the different ways you can wear each individual item. They also do a great job checking in with you each day and making sure you wish to continue with the service and how they can adjust to serve you better. They also have an online app that allows you to pair items and shop for others.

Upside: Personal styling that is stylish and affordable, delivered as frequently as you like, right to your door. Perfect for the woman who has zero time and patience for shopping.

Downside: My fixes have been very close to my style, but sometimes I can find similar items through other popular retailers at a better price. I’ll continue to get a fix, though, because you can never have too many stylists.

Cost of Personal Styling Service: $20 per fix that gets applied to your order.
Style Assessment: Yes
Frequency: As often as you’d like
Budget: Prices range from $48 - $120 for a top, $70 for bottoms, and $150 for dresses.
Workplace Dress Code: All dress codes

5.    Trendsend by Evereve

This online and brick-and-mortar store is evolving. Their roots are in providing stylish clothing for moms, and my overall impression is they are still trying to figure out the working mom. One of my friends raved about Trendsend by Evereve so much I had to try it. You take their online style profile and they’ll send you a box of apparel items that attempt to match your style. The clothing all works together in a capsule and I absolutely loved the summer sweater I received in my first box. Evereve does offer the ability to walk into a store (if near you) and switch out the items you don’t want.

Upside: There are no fees associated with styling and the clothes are comfortable and functional. For a casual or business casual workplace, Evereve brings a lot to the table with a range of very relaxed styles.  

Downside: They are still figuring out the workwear market. Additionally, because I’m a sale shopper, I checked the box for them to send me items that were discounted, which was a mistake because I ended up getting last season’s styles.

Cost of Personal Styling Service: Free
Style Assessment: Yes
Frequency: As often as you’d like
Budget: Prices range from $50- $150 per item
Workplace Dress Code: Casual and Business Casual

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