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Your Wardrobe Edit

Your Wardrobe Edit

Your Wardrobe Edit

One of the greatest gifts a blogger can have is the gift of feedback. Many of you have reached out to say, “Vanessa, I’m inspired by reading STOMP, but I’m overwhelmed with shopping and I need to get my act together.” Instead of thinking that you can do it yourself, you go straight to wanting to hire someone to fix it for you. I get it – a fashion consultant is a great luxury, and who wouldn’t want someone remaking them and taking the guess work out of what to wear? But with so many other things eating up the budget, it’s not possible for a lot of women.

So I’m here to tell you, YOU can edit your wardrobe and remake it into what you want it to be, AND I’m going to help you do it, because after all, that is what STOMP is about.

But let’s start small and take our time.

Whether you’ve just had a baby, haven’t shopped in a year because of lack of time, or just don’t like to shop because it’s overwhelming, you can follow this plan – and I’ve created some inspiration for you on Pinterest by capturing different types of looks.

Here’s my easy five steps for getting you back into the groove.

1. Clear it out.

Separate your closet, meaning separate summer from fall/winter clothing. It’s time to purge.

  1. Since we’re just finishing with summer now, donate any summer clothing that you didn’t wear this season. Trust me, you won’t wear it ever again.
  2. If you’re currently pregnant and you’re not sure – wait until after you have the baby to decide.
  3. Remember: with shoes, more is not always better if they’re beat up, discolored, the heels are worn down, the sole is peeling off, or the fur is rubbed off.
  4. Make a pile of the items you love that need tailoring. If the hems of your pants are coming loose, take them to be hemmed. However, if they’re tattered or stained, throw them out.
  5. Keep your absolute favorite items, and give away anything that’s too trendy or that you haven’t worn in at least six months.
  6. As for skirts: if you bought it in your 20s and you’re now over 35 and it’s too short, donate it.
  7. Hang on to timeless printed tops: animal, polka dot, stripes, and gingham.
  8. Throw out any tops with a stretched-out neck.
  9. Consider keeping any tops that are a solid color, they are great for layering.
  10. Donate anything you’ve tried on 2-3 times this year and didn’t end up wearing.
  11. Throw out anything that’s stained, faded, ripped, smells odd, or is just plain busted.
  12. Donate anything that doesn’t fit, and hasn’t fit for a really long time. I’ve had those super skinny jeans that I’ve hoped to get back into for a while now, but it never happens, and if the planets align and it does happen, they won’t be in style anymore.
  13. Throw out anything that doesn’t make you feel happy.

2. Assess your new current state.

Organize everything by color so that you can see exactly what you have. What colors would you like to have more of? Do you like what’s left over? Has your style changed? What old clothing did you throw out that needs to be repurchased?

3. Examine your work lifestyle.

What kind of a culture does your company have? Is it a formal business environment or more relaxed? How active do you have to be at work? Are you walking, lifting, presenting, or facilitating meetings often? Are you on a plane most of the time? Workwear can be very functional these days and choosing the wrong ensemble can leave you feeling uncomfortable affecting your mood all day long.

4. What do you want your wardrobe to be?

What trends are you loving right now? There’s so many different styles out there; minimalist, sophisticated and structured, trendy and eclectic, street style, and functional. Check out my Pinterest page, STOMP, for some inspiration.

5. Now go shop.

Have fun with it and if you get overwhelmed, just buy a couple of things at a time. Maybe you start with one outfit. How much do you really need? Kendall Farr, author of The Pocket Stylist, says that all you need is:

- Three coats
- Two jackets
- Three sweaters
- Seven tops
- Four skirts or dresses
- Four pants

Keep this in mind as you build your wardrobe and Some of my favorite workwear brands include White House Black Market, Banana Republic, JCREW, Zara, Topshop, Club Monaco, Hobbs, Nordstrom, and much more. Wait for the sale. Mix and match your new buys with your existing wardrobe and take pictures. Keep them on your phone so that you can make decisions easily in the mornings.

Repeat this process once every six months for a current, clean, and tight wardrobe. This will help you maximize your wardrobe dollars and give you the confidence to be your own wardrobe stylist for years to follow. Let me know how it goes!

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