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Jeans and a T-shirt have been described as the "casual uniform". We've seen many companies in the tech field go casual. From App development, to software companies, to social media and marketing agencies, casual dress codes have become a thing. Mothers in the home workplace are also wanting comfort and style as they chase toddlers across the house in the a.m. and juggle play dates and Target runs in the p.m. 

Think of me as your personal fashion consultant, helping you look your best while maximizing your time. With so many fashion options, how do you possibly boil the ocean to find the best looks, on trend -- for work? Look no further, I'll be posting often each week to bring you options (or inspiration) for all sizes, shapes, tastes, and best of all -- price points. You can simply click through anything you like, and buy! Grab your glass of wine and let's go!

Outfit 1: I love a slimming tunic shirt and it goes great with skinny jeans or leggings -- for when you need to move a lot and also want the coverage!

Outfit 2: A great blouse for casual Friday meetings that can still look dressy by itself or with a blazer. 

Outfit 3: I love this comfortable yet contemporary look at the right price.