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The sound of heels hitting the floor as a woman walks through the halls of her office is the sound of walking with purpose, it's a STOMP that is a one-of-a-kind attitude. What we wear and how we wear it plays into that confidence that we have in our careers and is a large part of our personal brand. 

This is what we're talking about at STOMP and while we're at it, let's get into the perfect wardrobe essentials for women in the workplace. But first things first - don't expect a blog. We are fashion insiders with a particular taste in clothing who search on a daily basis for high quality workplace apparel that won't break the bank. While there is a never-ending amount of fashion content for fashion insiders to talk about, we are very focused on relevant content for the workplace. We need to be talking often and you can expect the following to get the most out of STOMP.

  1. Regular content to be posted on all social channels and our website each week.
  2. We'll cover various topics (example: the most flattering cream pants for the workplace - is there such a thing? Yes!). Stores will be both online and from various retailers in KC. We are sticking to what is within your reach.
  3. We are not the low-priced fashion insider. We'll look to maximize your dollars with items that will last longer than a handful of wears, while also keeping in mind that price is an option. With shoes and handbags the sky is the limit!
  4. Leave us comments, send us emails, call us. Let us know what you like and don't like about STOMP. 
  5. We want our local stores to know that we are helping them in their business... that way we can stay around a lot longer. If you see something that you like, tell them that STOMP sent you. 


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The fashion insider for workplace women.